Property Simple Video Ads.

On Property Simple, real estate agents grow their business with social media by creating personalised video ads for each new listing, open house, just sold property or even their own video business card.

Total number of videos created 2139
Trigger type User
Average creation time 3 min
Property Simple is a SaaS platform allowing real estate agents to leverage the power of social media to grow their business and generate new leads. Working with them, we created a serie of 4 automated video formats to help agents all across the US to create high-end personalised videos, since video proves to be the most effective content for social distribution.
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Realtors signing up on the client’s platform are given a form that they can use to input all the data needed to create a video: the listing link, the pictures of the house, their information and business contacts, the time and day of an open house, the location and price of the property.

Once they hit “Create video” their platform sends a request to our Algo API and Algo starts the video creation process. Three minutes later the video is ready and it pops up into the Property Simple interface, where the realtor can see it and easily publish it to social media.
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Video Ads outperform static ones by an average of


The personalised video ads are published on the realtors’ social channels through the Property Simple platform. There, agents can set the media budget and define the target. A video ad promoting an apartment in Scottsdale, Arizona will for example be only shown to people close to that location, that showed interest in buying a property and have an age/income that relates to its price.

This makes the video ads relevant and informative to their audience, proving to be the way houses are sold and bought in 2020.