Auto-generated music videos

The music licensing platform asked us to create a music video for each of their songs in catalogue. With Algo, we built these videos modular, fully automated and TikTok friendly.

Average creation time2 mins
Total number of videos createdAudio
Trigger type16:9, 9:16 is a music licensing platform for content creators and live streamers that has a huge library of tracks available. With custom design and creative automation, we managed to create a different video for each of these songs, with almost no human interaction.

The initial trigger is done by selecting any of the songs directly on Algo’s dashboard. Then, Algo randomly chooses the colors, shapes, and order of scenes, different for every video. After that, it uses the metadata embedded on the track like vibe’s name, genre, tempo, tags and waveform to customize the scenes and animate the shapes. All of that is fully automated, but the user has the option to manually customize each scene.

Starting from the client's branded colors, we developed a fresh color palette and a custom library of shapes that work great when combined together. The algorithm matches the colors of the background, text, shapes, and shadows with a gradient effect, always aiming to have the best visibility. Everything then moves in sync with the audio, automatically.

The right fit for social media wanted to give a preview of their songs directly in the platforms where Generation Z creators spend more time: TikTok, Youtube & Twitch.

In order to do that, they needed videos that perfectly fit these platforms. Algo creates a 16:9 full-song version perfect for Youtube & a vertical, 30s version dedicated to TikTok.

There, creators can start using the song in their videos in a click. Algo videos are optimal for a social media platform in which the audio track has such a big influence on the success of the content

Number of possible video variants