Bloomberg Billionaires.

A video produced everyday to track the world’s billionaire who gained or lost more money on each market day.

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How many burgers could Elon Musk buy with his fortune of around $20B? Apparently a lot. Approximately 3 billion sandwiches, to be precise.
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Earlier last year, Bloomberg asked us to create a new automated video campaign, this time to track the 500 richest people in the world.

Bloomberg constantly monitors the evolution of the wealth of these billionaires and every day, a couple of hours after market closure (at 6:12pm NYC time to be precise), Algo pulls the data about the biggest mover of the day: the billionaire who gained or lost the most in the previous 24 hours. Less then a minute later, the daily data-driven video is created and pushed to Bloomberg social media.

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Designing for variable data is one of the biggest (& most) interesting challenges we face everyday. It requires putting yourself out of the equation.

On June 17th, a few weeks after the campaign was live and the client was posting the videos on their Facebook & Twitter channels, something unexpected happened: Amazon buys WholeFoods for a staggering $14B. At the end of the day, Jeff Bezos is the biggest mover in our video.

Despite spending $14B, Bezos receives almost $2B back in his personal wealth as Amazon shares skyrocket, officially giving himself a big discount on the acquisition. That’s Wall Street baby. This isn’t something we ever planned while designing the campaign. The video just got much more interesting and insightful on its own. The data added a new level to the storytelling, and we had little to none influence on it.

Views on facebook in the first two weeks alone.

Campaign results

Needless to say, that video was one of the best performing on social media, with almost 40K views on Facebook alone, without any media buying.

It was outperformed only when the same Jeff Bezos overcome the wealth of Bill Gates, on Oct 27th, and when he become the first human being to surpass $100B in wealth on Nov 25th. The campaign is still ongoing, so follow Bloomberg to keep an eye on these videos.

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