Turn the stock market into social videos

Data-driven, automated videos help fintech startup Kron keep their followers up-to-date on the financial ups & downs of the market. Built in collaboration w/ digital agency Bakken & Bæck.

Average Creation Time2 min
Average creation time4:5, 9:16, 16:9
Trigger typeUser

Kron is a Norwegian platform offering tailored plans & straight-forward investment opportunities to its customers, always sharing the latest updates about market trades. Automation can help visualize these trends in a matter of clicks, allowing for a highly customizable video campaign to be always up to date.

Each video is totally personalized: by accessing the Algo dashboard, Kron’s social team can easily create every part of the video, adding texts, selecting pictures or choosing color themes. This way, there’s always a perfect video ready to be published right after clicking the “Render” button.

The Kron team is able to select between three different graph styles that reflect a specific trend, in which they can insert the data that will automatically generate a responsive graph. For simple data that highlights the growing or decreasing trends, Algo generates a linear chart that illustrates the values. When we have the input of more complicated data, our graphs have multiple points. We also created a third neutral wave option, for situations where we want to represent only the idea of “data”.
Also, the client’s team is able to choose between three different music tracks in order to highlight the trend the video is showing, choosing between a positive, negative or neutral mood.
Balls decoration
In 2021, the Internet traffic represented by video streams will exceed

Different (color) themes

We created a different palette for every topic in order to make sure that each video is unique.

From Environment to Technology, every theme has a specific color scheme built around the growing, neutral or decreasing trends, adding an extra layer of meaning to the graphs.

A different aspect ratio for every social need

Render & go: with just one click of the render button, Algo automatically creates the same video in 3 different formats, propelling market data that fits every social network, website or app requirements.

From the classic feed ratio 4:5, to the 9:16 story format or the 16:9 landscape, the videos can be easily shared on every online platform, allowing the Kron team to make sure that the data will reach the right audience, in the perfect shape.